Sonntag, 9. September 2012

The Pleasures of life


It is so easy to write about this topic. One only needs a 5 minute break to think about what really we like to do and what makes us happy.
We people are in many ways different, so what I write today is my personal opinion but I am quite sure that other people will agree with me in different points because what makes us happy is often common to different cultures and personalities.

I start with the most beloved activities:

1. Eating, especially when one is hungry and waited very long time for that dinner that probably is not the healthiest one. For example that oily cheese burger with fries and a Coke. Many times is rather quantity than quality what brings satisfaction because I know that eight tacos are better than two, and with eight ingested Tacos I will have the extra joy of the next day when they have to leave my body again. Ok... you can call me gross but its true and no matter what especially the female readers think, I know that returning them to the environment can be as pleasant as eating itself (I think men will agree with me).

2. None of us would be here if our papas and mamas wouldn’t have made out. And now we understand why we are like 7 billion people leaving right now. That is a lot of “loving” in only the past 100 years. An extra to this point is that different “loving” positions bring more joy than others during the, what can be described as, one of the most pleasant activities in the world.

3. Waking up every morning would not be the same without that bitter coffee that is washed off my tongue with a sip of water. 15 Minutes later I can feel my heart beating faster and I am ready for the day (This fabulous invention works also perfectly after lunch).

4. About chemical dependencies: In my case I got hooked up by the endorphins that are released in my body during sports. Especially when I exaggerate and I am about to pass out. It is like a „trip” and you can make it even better by jumping into mildly cold water (a pool, river, ocean, lake, etc.) and feel how your body is being again cooled down. That is simply an extraterrestrial feeling (Maybe that is one of the reasons why some people think I am a masoquist).

5. After an intensive week at work, music and even better with a cold beer, is the perfect remedy against all.

6. Meeting with good friends brings in any case joy, and when that is combined with point No. 5, because of an old arithmetic rule, it ends up being a double joy.

7. Sleeping, especially when is cold and rainy outside, bring not only joy but inner peace. So much that one thinks that our longest sleep, death, cannot be so bad after all. Maybe that is why we say when someone travels to the other side “rest in peace”.

Maybe these are some of the main joy bringers that one can wish for him/herself (at least for me). An extra point that married people or people in a relationship should mention (not only because it is true but also to avoid conflicts) is the romantic time one spends with the partner. Quality time that makes the road of life easier to travel (Additional information to be found in point 2)

I forgot that for many the perfect job or a promotion at work is a joy bringer, but one must remember that these moments might not come that often in comparison to points 1 to 7. However, we would still regard them as moments that bring happiness to our lives.

Extra joy bringers:

Drink a half litter of soda and burp as loud as possible
First fart of the day (Ladies… please…. You know it’s true)
To take a piss when you just can’t hold it anymore
Find money (doesn’t happen often)
Accomplish a goal, e. g. loose xx kilos, be champion of something, establish a new record,  save a determined quantity of money, run xx Km, lift xx kilos, complete a course, etc. In all these cases one needs a lot of motivation and hard work, but the reward is usually very high.

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