Sonntag, 16. September 2012

No crisis for the weapon industry


According to different sources, the world economy crisis did not stop the weapon industry to keep growing. More than 300 billion Euros of profit made the most important weapon industries only in 2010.

One can equivocally think that the weapon industry is to blame for the increasing world violence, and that the profit that they made could much better be invested in more loyal causes, but in reality are those that are buying  weapons the real entities to blame.  

Each country has its priorities and when a government  decides to invest much more in weapons than in education, then the weapon industries are not really to blame about it, but rather the people and organizations that keep flowing cash into their arcs for the acquisition of men-killing items

For one end, the weapon industries should pay higher taxes and should actively be engaged in the reconstruction of cities that were severely damaged by confrontations that are indirectly endorsed by the weapon industry.  This kind of measurements would try to balance the unfair profit that weapon industries made with the loss of human lives and destruction of entire countries.

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